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How does the IRS differentiate between negligence and fraud?

With the 2016 tax deadline officially in the rearview mirror, the focus of the Internal Revenue Service will now shift to identifying and investigating those returns that have raised red flags among reviewers whether due to omissions, inconsistencies or other issues.

Survey uncovers surprising attitudes toward disclosure of income to IRS

Now that the April 18 deadline for filing taxes is getting closer, more Americans are finally sitting down to tackle their returns, leafing through piles of papers and carefully following the instructions on their computer screen or the Internal Revenue Service's various publications.

'Incorporators' targeted in sting operations

In domestic business, an incorporator is someone who helps entrepreneurs create corporations, filing articles of incorporation and other documents the state of Florida requires. Another version of this common business facilitator exists to help people set up offshore corporations designed in many cases to evade taxes or launder money.

Tax fraud: What is it and what are the possible penalties for it?

Everyone has heard the term "tax fraud," but sometimes its meaning is scrambled in South Florida media stories about tax crime allegations. So what is tax fraud? It can be a number of things, including intentionally failing to file an income tax return or intentionally failing to pay owed taxes.

Feds target Miami-Dade and Broward counties for tax fraud

It is often nice to get attention, but few people would argue getting attention from the Internal Revenue Service and law enforcement qualifies as the kind of notice people crave. But here in South Florida, we are getting plenty of attention from federal agents targeting people who commit tax fraud and identity theft.

Florida pastor agrees to plead guilty to financial crimes

Outside the modest Florida church is a hand-painted, fading sign to let visitors know when Sunday morning worship services are held and at what time Thursday night Bible study convenes. The Bible Church of God sits about 300 miles northwest of Miami in Clearwater, Florida.

As times goes by

The calendar turns a page. We're all one day older and one day closer to April 15. And according to statements from the Department of Justice and IRS, those of us with unreported overseas accounts are one day closer to big trouble.

HSBC allegations get thornier

HSBC is one of the world's very biggest banks, with branches in South Florida connected to the home office in London, England, and operations in Switzerland, China, and dozens of other nations around the globe. It is also the focus of years-old accusations that its Swiss unit helped clients hide assets from the IRS and other tax authorities.